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Noodle gluten strength, rehydration tasty fast, strong water surface can be expanded several times, not fried links, more healthy. The organization has the characteristics of dense fine noodles, fried instant noodles can reach no flavor and taste compared with non fried instant noodles fried instant noodles, has the following characteristics: the drying time is longer, the structure is fine. In order to shorten the drying time and cooking time, non fried instant noodles noodles is fine. The less fat content, so close to the dough, light taste. These features for the use of oily grease to expand the soup taste types also contributed.
Hand side line is a traditional Chinese food. With flour, salt, wheat flour as raw material, and then through several pinch, sun drying and drawing. Hand side line is a common Chinese traditional Chinese traditional craft food in the southwest of Taiwan, due to the sea breeze, the sun, the production of the surface line is particularly good to eat, rich elasticity is not easy to fracture. Lukang only a pure hand face line, Rao Fu. From the perspective of the appearance, the hand made of the surface line thickness is not uniform.
Bamboo noodle is Guangdong province Han traditional pasta, Cantonese for "pole" sound unlucky and renamed "l". Bamboo noodle with the traditional method, rubbing surface and surface, with the rise of bamboo (bamboo a Damao) pasta noodles, wonton skin pressure out of the. To the side pressure to play while moving in the production process, make the dough uniform stress, gradually become a spread of the towel. After one or two hours, they can pull the dough kneading a root silver like fine noodles. In the rolling process, without a drop of water. Usually face, do not add water, it will not add egg, but by playing out with the duck's egg, duck's egg and full face not only refreshing egg flavor.